FS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund commences proxy solicitation

FS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund commences proxy solicitation

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FS Multi-Strategy Alternatives Fund and other funds part of FS Series Trust are asking shareholders to approve an Agreement and Plan to reorganize the funds into a separate series trust; the Funds will continue to be managed by FS Investments and, as a result of the reorganization, the Funds will be administered by SEI Global Fund Services.

Following the reorganization, the funds will be consolidated under a single series trust, which will include the FS Investments family of mutual funds and the FS Chiron family of mutual funds. Each fund will maintain its current investment objective, investment strategy and portfolio management team and sub-advisers, where applicable.

The Board of Trustees of FS Series Trust believes the reorganization may result in certain benefits including:

  • A reduction in each Fund’s total annual operating expenses over time 
  • Potential for enhanced service levels  
  • Ease of access into additional investment options through the ability to exchange into other FS/Chiron Funds

Shareholders can vote by:

  • Web: Visit www.proxyvote.com
  • Phone:
    • Without a proxy card: Call 1-844-858-7386, 9:00 AM -10:00 PM ET to speak with a proxy specialist
    • With a proxy card: Call 1-800-690-6903 with a touch-tone phone to vote using an automated system
  • Mail: Using the proxy ballot card received in the mail

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