FSK announces annual stockholder meeting

FSK announces annual stockholder meeting


FS KKR Capital Corp. (FSK or the Company) begins annual meeting proxy solicitation. The Company is seeking to:

  • Elect four members of the board of directors (the Board) to serve as Class B Directors of the Company for a three-year term expiring at the 2024 annual meeting of stockholders.
  • Allow FSK to issue shares below net asset value (NAV). However, the Company does not have any immediate plans to issue shares below NAV. Receiving approval from stockholders would provide the Company with enhanced flexibility to raise capital in the future should the Company and the Board determine that doing so would be beneficial to the Company and its stockholders over the long-term.

Shareholders can vote by:

  • Web: Visit www.proxyvote.com
  • Phone:
    • Without a proxy card: Call 1-833-868-3374, 9:00 AM-10:00PM ET to speak with a proxy specialist
    • With a proxy card: Call 1-800-690-6903 with a touch-tone phone to vote using an automated system
  • Mail: Using the proxy ballot card received in the mail

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